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Blog- Being Intentional About Mental Health

Mental wellness is as important to physical health as water and air. Often times, we fail to understand the link between mental wellness and physical wellness, and because of this, we find that our mental health is neglected. Our mind is the chamber that dictates our physical responses.  There is an intimate two-way connection required for the human body to function in the way in which it was designed. If we are not mentally healthy, then our physical body is unhealthy. In order to improve holistic health, this blog was designed to provide each of you with up to date information on how to remain mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy. A healthy mind and a healthy body equals a plesurable life. Check here for weekly blogs on current events, evidence based interventions, and other informative nuggests that will place you back on the path to being INTENTIONAL about your mental health.



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Being Intentional About Mental Health. 

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